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Grateful and happy


閱讀:1897 次


Thanks to Tian En Shide, the holy demon of Baishui Shengdi, not to rest the bodhisattva blessing, to protect the South African public Chongde people. After the school came to South Africa in 1996, under the introduction of Secretary Liu of the Taiwan Embassy, ​​it was the reason for the temporary Buddhist temple in Tongde. In the current pursuit of the Tao, there are feelings, life is too short, after school and Buddha have a fate of 19 years old. After studying, he went to Shaolin Temple in Henan Province to study Shaolin Kungfu. He was given a Bodhisattva ring at the Baiyun Temple in Zhangzhou. At the age of 18, he returned to his hometown of Fujian, Zhangzhou. At the age of 19, he came to South Africa to develop. After learning the way, I learned the wishes in various fields in South Africa. In 1998, I participated in the two-day faculty meeting in Tongde. I was fortunate enough to get the compassion of Li Daxian in the guild and sent a crutches to the post. From then on, I worked hard to learn, and later learned Shaolin. Kung Fu, the disciples who have learned kungfu since teaching have come to seek help. In 1999, with the German-French Association, the teacher of Jigong was compassionate and had a lot of feelings after school. Teaching and cultivating in front of the South African audience. And the South African Chongde group of points to pass on the compassionate teachings. After the Fa Conference, Lin’s Buddhist Temple was established and began to learn vegetarianism and began to improve the South African Chinese. In 2000, at the Tongfutang Fa Conference, the teacher of Jigong gave the name of the church, and the Tongyuan Hall was formally established. After studying in South Africa, the ability was limited, and the Buddhist temples were relatively simple. Since the establishment of the Tongyuan Buddhist Temple, there have been review classes, and also actively participated in the activities of the South African Association of Friendship, and served as the president of the South African consistent youth association. At that time, the development of South Africa’s Chongde Road was very promising. The predecessors of Taiwan’s various groups also actively participated.
Since 2004, South Africa's Dao affairs has entered a state of poverty, and the development of the road has been slow. Although the impact is not great, it has also been affected. In 2014, the Chongde people set off at the second time to establish the Chonghui Temple in the Central African Shopping Center. Huahua people, set up children's reading classes, Mingde class. Tongde also established a local reading class. Tongyuan also established a local reading class, a new folk class, and a Chinese review class. Since 2015, the Chongde Fa Conference has been held every year. In 2016, it was also the first time to promote local Chinese lecturers.
In the different cultural backgrounds of different races in South Africa, due to the lack of resources, coupled with the fact that there is no resident Chongde point master, it is not easy to complete the talents. Only with limited manpower and materials, we can do our best.