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Not resting Buddha


閱讀:1897 次

Not resting Buddha, Chen Hongzhen, aunts and old people often say:

"When I am sick, unsatisfactory, and physically and mentally vulnerable, there will always be two people: "False me" always tells the "true me" to take time off, but "I really" does not agree, so I only continue to run. Continue to do, can't rest.

If someone asks me, what is the success experience? I don't know, I only have to stick to it. I don't have any pride. In the past sixty years, I have always been the master of the teacher and the Taoist field. I have never changed it. This is my experience. "

Bodhisattva has a great sorrow and dissatisfaction with all beings. As long as there is a bit of pain in all living beings, it is the pain of Bodhisattva himself, and only the life of all beings can only be deeply painful and painful. It is the Bodhisattva who rushes out with wisdom, and the source is endless. He witnesses the troubles and sorrows of all kinds of obstacles. The Bodhisattva has the ability to raise various kinds of medicines to cure all kinds of illnesses of all beings.

However, although the disease is cured, all sentient beings will soon forget the pains that have been suffered, and thus renewed all kinds of new pains... This cycle is constant, and the pain is not limited.

Therefore, the Bodhisattva must use all kinds of wisdom to enter the sufferings of all beings, and heal their sufferings, completely remove their bitter roots, so painstakingly, and endlessly.

Therefore, "sentimental integration" is the nature of Bodhisattva. "Re-issuing wishes" is the spirit of Bodhisattva. "Never rest" is the principle of Bodhisattva. Only after a short break, after Purdue, continue Purdue, so that you can attract more The wider life is on the other side.

As a post-scholar, there is only a volunteer to practice the Tao. It is necessary to save the world, to revitalize the spirit, to be new and new, to practice and to lead by example, so that the avenues of heaven can be carried forward, so that all the world’s beings are exposed to the rain and have a thriving atmosphere. In the spirit of "not resting" Bodhisattva, it saves the sentient beings, and the world is peaceful, and does not bear the teachings of Bodhisattva.

When she was alive, she used it for three days a day. I once said to the scholars in the academic circles: "You lecturers and point masters are all heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals. They are coming to help me. Help me to get more and more help. This sentence is a good word, there are too many busy. The things that I can't finish, I don't dare to slack off.

I do a waste of life every day; I call two breaks a day; three games a day are normal; four games a day, five games called overtime...

Why should I do this? Because I have to repay my parents' encouragement for me, I have to work hard to chase the destiny and help the old people to repay the teacher and the teacher. "

Therefore, Dagu is working overtime and hard work for all beings. For the sake of the public, there is an endless heart, an inexhaustible meeting, an incomplete class, an inexhaustible road, and no end to words...

Bodhisattva mourns all beings, and the mind and body are unwilling to rest. The people are excited to see the hot inside, and the blood of the Bodhisattva is sent to the spirit of the predecessors.