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Western Testimony, John the Baptist


閱讀:1897 次

Western Sermons, John the Baptist,//Republic of China, 80 years old, Xin Wei, Lunar New Year, October 6

God is light, illuminating the world, illuminating everyone, have you seen it? Do you believe in God in your heart? Are you a child of God? (Yes) Let's leave sin! Because the kingdom of heaven is about to be realized, do you understand this? (Understand) The Magi must not know who I am? I am not God, but I am his messenger; God sent me, I am not Jesus, I am worse than him, I will report a Buddha number first, maybe you will know me. I am the messenger of the martyr, John the Baptist, who took the mother's purpose and entered the Buddhism. God, God, ask if you are good?

This is the same root.

Do you miss heaven? (Yes) Missing Heaven, have you missed the great Father? (Yes) The average person is singing a hymn, his mouth sings "Paradise Heaven, how much we miss you!" The result is reluctant to leave the world, but wants to give him peace and prosperity through the power of God. Are you like this, are you like this? Is the truth of your faith true? (Yes) Then do I have anything to do with you? (Yes) Are you a child of God? (Yes) I just said that I am only a messenger. I am a pioneer. I paved the way for Jesus. This is my mission. What mission do you have? Today, I took the command of God and came down to the testimony, also because of the relationship with the Magi.

◆The sun and the moon are blind and difficult to see.

I have been away from the world for nearly two thousand years. Time is exaggerated, but it is so long. Have you ever missed God? (Think) Are you worshipping God every day? (Yes) Do you thank God when you eat? (Yes) Is darkness afraid of light? (Yes) With the darkness of light, it will disappear. Do you like to get close to the light? (Like) This avenue is light. Do you understand? (Understand) You also have to be a illuminator. What is a illuminant? The sun and the moon are the illuminators. Although the moon does not shine by itself, it illuminates your earth at night, so it is also a illuminant. You also have to be a illuminator, the stars are not bright? (Bright) Isn't it the star when there is no moon? (Yes)

Where do you put yourself in your mind? Is it like a star? There is only one sun and one moon in the sky, but there are countless stars. You are like the stars of the sky, illuminating the universe, so you must cherish yourself. But there are some people who commit crimes, because they have bad behavior, so they are afraid of light; when you are upset, or when you are guilty, you will hide and hide in the dark corners? (Yes) So we have to confess our bad behavior, to accept the light to shine for us, so understand? (understand)

◆What is the body? Where is the conscience?

In the past, I baptized everyone on the banks of the Jordan River. I washed it with water, but the one I came to later, he was very great, he was too strong! I don’t even have to wear shoes for him. He wants to wash everyone with the Holy Spirit and the fire. Who is he? At the time, Jesus also used the Holy Spirit and fire to wash everyone.

What is the destiny! Don't confuse, the destiny is also the inheritance of generations. Although you have five religions, among the five religions, is there a teacher with five religions? But generations, generations, and five religions have their own destiny. The five religions originate in different places, but they have different missions. The previous traffic was underdeveloped. There were no newspapers before, no domestic and foreign news, just because there was no, so God wants to be in each. The local spreads the gospel, and the five messengers have planted the roots of the five religions, so you are very fortunate to be here today, are you? (Yes) You are first taught by the teachings of the Five Churches to ask you to be good, and you can accept this congenital avenue. You must cherish it, don't forget it.

Do you have three treasures when you ask for directions? (Yes) Sambo still remember? (Remember) Is Sambo not very valuable? (Yes) You Chinese Buddhism, there is a circulated sentence, that is, your ancestors often talked about "the Buddha and Buddha only pass on the body, the teacher and the teacher pay the heart." In my time, Jesus began to bear the fate of life, and his destiny was passed down from generation to generation. It is also a temperament. Do you understand it? There are a certain number of destiny, how much is the fate of the gods, how many points are passed down, so understand? (Understand) At the beginning, Jesus had 72 disciples who could pass on the destiny, but at that time and away from it now, you can't understand. So God sent me to go down and tell me everything else, let you know more, is that okay? (it is good)

◆ <Life Book> is the "Dragon Watch"

In the past, unlike the current ones, there are many things to eat and enjoy. The former people are very simple, but their greatest enjoyment is to drink and eat meat. But nowadays people are different. Nowadays people are more extravagant and wasteful. They have to eat a full house, or the rarer things, the more precious things are, but it is not necessarily nutritious. However, it is a blessing that we have to eat before, and to live peacefully. Jesus He is the child of God, and I am also the child of God, but I have a mission: to help him pave the way.

Have you seen the Bible? Have you ever heard a missionary preaching the gospel? (Yes) Jesus once said: Anyone who struggles with him to spread the gospel can write their names on the book of life. What is a book of life? The book of life is the dragon's watch when you ask for the road. The dragon's watch is "the list of the heavens, the land is drawn", right? (Yes) Anyone who walks on the road should get the seal of God on the forehead, isn't it? (Yes). God will put a seal on your forehead, a seal of eternal life, because you have already asked for it, so I can tell you generously that the meaning of the book of life is very precious, you have already registered in the book of life, so you are Don't worry.

Because they have no names on the book of life, they cannot enjoy in heaven. Why? Just like you are going to study at this school, do you have to register for registration? (Yes) You have to have a student status. If you don't have a student status, there is no way to become a student of this school, and there is no way to study here. (Yes) It is like your national identity card, you are going to register when you are born. Then you have not asked for a word. If you do not have a name in the book of life, there is no way to return to heaven. There is no way for heaven to let you in, so understand? (understand). At that time, God revealed to you that you must name the book of life. Otherwise, there is no way to enter the kingdom of heaven, so you must feel lucky. Fortunately, you have a name in the book of life, but you have a name. Doesn't mean that you have great results, this is just your first step, so understand? (understand)

◆Over the gift - the first treasure - the way to heaven

I just said: The one who came after me, the one who received the Holy Spirit, is to baptize them with the Holy Spirit and the fire, that is, the first treasure you have gained. In ancient times, we called "over the hand" or "hands-on ceremony". Covering your hand is to put your hand on your head, and you already have the sign of God on your forehead, so you know what you are. This kind of hand-over ceremony is not something that ordinary people can do. In the past, there was no noble identity, not a priest. They could not do this. They must have a destiny to make a gift for others, so they believed in Jesus. Jesus gave them a hand and baptized them with fire. Are you asking for a light now? (Yes) Is there a fire? (Yes) Will it be very strange? If you use candles or light bulbs in other temples, why do you use oil lamps here? At that time, we also used oil to light.

"Tao" is there before God created this world, so do you understand? (Understand) Although there is this world, "Tao" is older than this world, so you must understand it. When the first three treasures were passed, in the Qingyang period, the Hongyang period, and the Baiyang period, you should have known that you have heard that there are also three treasures in different periods. Except for the difference between mouth and handprint, is the first treasure the same? (Yes) Why? Jesus once said: "It is very easy to return to heaven. But the door is very narrow. Most people only know that they are going from the gate to the road, but that is the way to life and death; only the narrowest and narrowest door. It is the way to heaven." Do you know where it is? (Know) You certainly know what you are asking now, but before you ask for it, you don’t know if you are right? (Yes) So you are very fortunate to have got the narrowest and narrowest door. God has sent messengers to tell you this gospel, so do you want to cherish it? (Yes)

◆The winner gets the hidden manna. The white stone block with the new name

Don't forget, if you receive the Holy Spirit, then you will win. What is winning? Victory is to complete one's mission, to accept the test of the devil, and to successfully go back to see God, he is a successful person, then he can get hidden "manna", and a white stone engraved with "new name", What is the "new name"? It is your mouth. This thing, people who don’t ask for it are not necessarily known. Because the white stone engraved with the new name, unless it is the one who receives the fate, otherwise no one else can recognize it. Is it very precious to ask for directions? (Yes) There is no way for people who are not seeking to know what the mouth is, just like someone is watching the ceremony. If you teach the three treasures, do you want to ask him to go away? (Yes) So you have to thank God for letting you get the most precious today, do you understand? (To understanding)

◆ Self-acceptance, fair trial

How much does the Magi know about the Bible? What the Bible says can only be passed on to you to see that it is the most precious; but the Bible is also missing, why is it missing? Because people's words and deeds are only the most understandable. You must know that in the day of judgment, every gossip you usually say must be said before the Lord. Because God will use your own words to proclaim your sins. Do you understand this? (Understand) God will also use your own words to declare you innocent. why? Because you know what you say best, it is your own behavior. When you have a good heart, you can do good deeds; when you do bad things, it will be recorded without mercy, just like the "skull mirror" in hell.

And the trial is divided into "public trial" and "private trial". What is a public trial? When the public trial is the end of the world, everyone's souls are resurrected, and then they have merited their merits and sinned to sin. Is it guilty to go to hell? (Yes) Then live a very painful day, and what is a private trial? The private trial is the soul of the human being, leaving the flesh, and its spirit must be judged before the heavenly platform. It is like going to the local government, let the king of Jurass judge the crime of your life. So what is "purgatory"? Purgatory is like your hell. It wants to wash away your shortcomings. You will be very painful in purgatory. Do you know? (Know) You have the means to defeat many animals and defeat many enemies, but can you defeat your tongue? Shouldn't it be said that it will come out? (Yes) something that should not be eaten, it still wants to eat. Although you can defeat many animals, you can't beat your tongue, so God will judge you with your tongue. What should you do normally? (Be careful with caution) Is it important to be cautious? (Yes) So if you want to avoid the trial, you should practice it.

◆Good with the shepherd to return to heaven

The monasticity does not make you very indifferent, nor does it make you negative. God loves the world, have you heard it? (Hear) Do you love the world? (Love) Really? (Really) The Lord wants you to love brothers and sisters like yourself. Can you do it? Are you a group of little lambs? (Yes) You are a group of little lambs, who is the shepherd? (Shepherds are our predecessors, our point missionaries, lead us to these lost lambs, to the way home.) If you know that you are a lamb, should you follow the shepherd? (Yes) followed his lights. Can the fate be worth it? (valuable)

◆The Baptist John describes his life experience

Do you know how I died? (I don't know, please be compassionate) Is there an outline ethic in ancient times? (Yes) In the province of Galilee, there is a Herod, because he and his brother's wife adultery, and I often accuse him, can not take her as his wife. So I was caught by them, tied up and caught in prison. This is my robbery; but I am not afraid, because before I have baptized Jesus, after I baptized, Jesus’ disciples also Start baptizing for everyone. The factors of the inheritance of the destiny made me fade day by day, and the temperament of Jesus was just beginning to go uphill.

At that time Herod wanted to kill me, but there was no chance, because the people thought that I was a prophet, they would all go to Herod and ask him to let me go. But Herod feared that I would accuse him again, so I locked me up. The cell at the time was like a dungeon. I was kept underneath, but I also missed it outside; because I knew that Jesus had begun to preach, so some of them outside said: Jesus is my heir, but I have denied it. why? Because Jesus is precious, I am not the master of Jesus. I am only going to carry out the mission of God to baptize Jesus and hope that the world can repent. This is also a testimony to the Bible: a prophet will appear, and a savior will appear later, so do you understand? (understand)

I am in the dungeon, and the days are very fast. One day Herod’s birthday, when Herodias was the wife of his brother Philip, she taught her daughter to use my neck to pay for it. Her wish. When Herod had a birthday, her daughter danced in front of the guests. Because he jumped very well, Herod said, "I swear, whatever I want, I will give something." And he asked I want the baptizer - John's head. So I ordered someone to take a plate and told her to put my head on it. I already know that God wants to call me back, so I was killed in prison.

But I don't have resentment, because the monasticism must also be enlightened, but enlightenment must be robbed and salvated, isn't it? (Yes) I baptized many people at that time, so that they have a repentant heart, and then they can follow Jesus to practice, and I have to bear them, so I have to borrow this to become a Tao, so that is my wish. Jesus, when he was enlightened, did he die very badly? (Yes) After that, his descendant Peter, did he die too badly? (Yes) Why? As you have heard now: all the predecessors have to bear the same for the post-study, right? (Correct)

◆ Miracle does not need to ask for outside God is eternal

We also talk about heaven and hell, and now you are like being in heaven, heaven and hell are in your heart. God will summon you in your heart, isn't it? (Yes) Have you heard the voice of God? What is the voice of God? (God's voice is the call of our conscience) Yes, it is your conscience, so God always cares for you, isn't it? (Yes)

In the past, the Jews believed in worshipping the temple. The temple is like the present temple. Why do they believe in Christ? The real church is just like the current Buddhist temple. Its appearance is exactly the same as that of an ordinary person's house. why? Because at that time the official examination was very heavy, many Jews used the power of the Romans to fight