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South Africa has always established the

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South Africa has consistently established a report
◎ South Africa has always provided the English translation: Chen Yuling
South Africa has always been the best in the group of roads and friends, and now it is finally established. We are sincerely grateful to the Tiande teacher, the teacher and the teacher, the leaders of the various groups, the leaders of the predecessors, the support of the pilots, and the South African region. The government, the governors of the Taipei Liaison Office in the Republic of South Africa, and the assistance of the Taiwan Consortium will be able to participate in the event today.
The predecessor of South Africa has always been the South African Association of Friendship. Fifteen years ago, the teacher of the Blessed Masters indicated that the local Dao of South Africa should start organizing an organized society of associations that can help each other and cooperate with each other. On July 19, 1997, Chen Baoyu’s old master and Gao Quan’s masters personally presided over the establishment of the South African Association of Friendship, and invited Vice President Lin’s Sakura Point to be a consultant of the Association and Su Hongyuan’s mission. For the counseling point to pass the teacher. The Friendship Association's meeting is a prosperous event. In foreign countries, we don't have a group line to help each other. There is no difference between you and me. In order to work together for the day, it is the cognition of every traveler.
With the successful experience of the operation of the Ten Years Association, after the Taiwanese missionary inspected the South African Doctrine in 2006, the former president of the World Federation, Zhang Lao, was instructed by the local leader to start preparations for the South African Interior Ministry in early 2008. The Department of Religion applied for the Consortium of South Africa. In the case of the South African application organization group usually under strict examination, due to the honour of the destiny, all the former Taiwanese people were merciful and compassionate. All the application procedures went smoothly and finally obtained a legal license on May 22, 2009.
In 1996, the World Consortium was established in L.A. Los Angeles, USA. Consistent of the four continents (Asia, America, Europe, Australia), a total of 14 countries (the Republic of China 1988, Cambodia 1995, Thailand 2000, Indonesia 2000, Malaysia 2001, the United States 2006, Japan 2007, Austria) 2007, Australia 2009
Year, UK 2009, Paraguay 2009), this year Africa will also be established in South Africa (South Africa 2011, Brazil 2011, New Zealand 2011)
12 Basic Journal 275
[Note] So, in the world's five continents, there are representatives of the guilds, and you can apply to enter the United Nations as one of the NGOs (World Religious Peace Organizations) in the name of religion. In view of this, Taiwan has always attached great importance to the application for the establishment of a legally religious missionary organization in the African continent. Therefore, it has also instructed all cadres in South Africa to work together to organize an extraordinary inaugural meeting.
In the past two years of preparations, under the mutual support of each group, the first chairman of the board of directors of Baoguang Yushanlin, the deputy chief of the Sakura Point, was led by the leaders of the Dae compassionate leadership and work tasks. The members of the organization include the foundation of the loyalty of Deng Qingquan as the secretary general, Baoguang Jiande Daxiangshan Chen Zhenfeng, the head of the supervisor, and the director of the rende Yang Renxiang as the foreign language spokesperson. The members of the previous Youth League cadres are in the important position of the General Assembly. Study and organize, layout and inheritance work.
In the future, the focus of the conference of South Africa's consistent guilds will be to assist the Taiwanese relatives to come to South Africa to preach the main inviting units, donate materials and food to the local charities every year, and all the groups will go to the village to preach and cooperate with each other. Exchange and study, mutual friendship, and serve as a bridge for consistent communication with the government.
The road attendees at the meeting today included the Chairman of the Taiwan Consortium General Li, the Malaysian President of the Malaysian delegation, and other delegations from around the world, as well as the South African governor, the Taiwan Liaison Representative, the representative of Liu, the head of the overseas Chinese team, and the officials. And the South African overseas Chinese delegations and Taoist monks can come and meet in person. Thanks to the participation of all walks of life to add style, but also look forward to the future of South Africa has always been able to meet the new pattern, the spread of fire, and the future, to spread the Chinese culture to the African continent. [Note]: South Africa and Brazil have established a consistent general meeting in September.