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Jesus Christ's Hadith (indicating the true machine of the cross)


閱讀:1897 次

I am Jesus Christ
Feng (mother) purpose, down to the Buddha, slightly criticized
Hezhongxianzhen, the virtues of the sages, the cherished color, the heavy responsibilities, the spirit of rejuvenation

The streamer is easy to die, the end of the year, the singer, the birthday of my birthday, the gift of the singer, the singer, the drunkenness

Killing the number of creatures, the number of people in the car, the hustle and bustle of the car, the luxury of spending money, the ecstasy

For me to celebrate, my spirit is sad in the heart, and the general believers have not finished the Bible.

I only worship on the surface of the map. I borrow a lot of ideas and use it.

Recalling the past missionary ambitions, nothing more than the pledge of the wind, only for the people at the time, the ruin of salvation for all beings

Crucified on the cross, who has the meaning of the meaning of the frame, that is, the street is also suggesting that the cross on the street ask for the Holy Spirit *

The first time you are tempted by the scorpion, the color of the wine, the temperament of greed, the sin of fame and fortune, the sin of life, the six deaths

If you want to get out of the rim, you have to recognize the cross street. If you don’t meet the three-phase truth, there is a red dust.

I teach the spread of the world, the church is full of spirits, but the people are convinced that they are good at heart.

There is no such thing as a good teacher, smashing the Bible, using the merits of the sage, and being wise.

A little bit in the cross street, dying back to the heavenly palace, heaven and earth, to the true heaven, the Chinese Virgin Mary

Thousands of St. Buddhas and the help of the dedication of the next life to save the original child, dark fishing, good and good faith, and the people of the world are free from murder.

Zhu Ying has a true heaven, and he is more tight, not to relax, and he has acted in his own way.

The study of the Buddhist script is often studied.

I am willing to do my best to fulfill my responsibilities. On behalf of the day, Xuanhua is doing a great job.

At this time, if you don’t wake up again, you will regret it when you lie on your head, and you will be discouraged.

Speaking to Christ the Savior, God still has to bear the fate of the animal, waiting for the rabbit to be small, not asking for further study.

If you are a wise man, you want to give more instructions. But when you look at the day, you will be able to return to the real world.

I am able to live together with my life. I am willing to work together with the world. Baiyang World is everywhere.

When you see the avenue, you will see the glory of Maitreya, and the glory of the glory of the world.

Turning to the machine and calling on the Magi, the main idea of ​​the monastic use of Hengcheng, the Wei Dao, the legal system should help the Buddhist altar exhibition

Trying to help the heavens and the roads, there are not many times when you go, saying that you don’t judge the heavenly mother, don’t return to the heavenly palace.


吾乃 耶穌基督 
奉(母)旨 降至佛宸 略為批判 
合眾賢真 有德賢士 珍重色身 任重道遠 振作精神

流光易逝歲已終 吾徒為吾誕辰慶 禮尚往來物質送 通宵歌舞醉酒中 

宰殺生靈無數量 舟車熙攘橫禍生 佈置奢華金錢耗 為貪歡喜已忘形 

為吾如此來慶祝 吾靈在天心悲痛 可嘆一般教徒們 未將聖經細完明 

只圖表面做禮拜 藉教諸多求利用 吾教門徒千萬億 有幾體吾宗旨行 

憶吾昔日傳教志 無非為的挽仁風 只為當時人心壞 頂劫救世為眾生 

釘在十字架上死 此內含意有誰明 架即街也乃暗示 十字街上求聖靈 *  

初受氣稟物慾蔽 酒色財氣性朦朧 貪圖名利造罪孽 生生死死六道中  

欲要脫出輪廻苦 須向十字街認清 如若不逢三期世 真法哪有洩塵紅  

吾教廣傳全球遍 教堂林立氣派雄 不過勸化人心善 豈能了死與超生  

無有應運明師點 誦破聖經枉用功 壇下賢英根基厚 巧奪天工明師逢  

十字街中受一點 朝聞夕死返天宮 天道至貴真天命 中華聖母天運承  

千聖萬佛同幫助 奉旨下世救原童 暗釣賢良善信渡 挽化萬民免劫凶  

諸英既得真天道 更為緊守勿放鬆 行動立德了己孽 正己渡人建奇功  

佛規常書多研究 尊師重道是賢英 明理進修當竭力 博學慎思要篤行  

了願加功盡己責 代天宣化辦道宏 天時緊急非昔比 日甚一日浩劫凶  

此時若不再醒悟 劫臨頭頂後悔生 甚憂吾教門徒等 尚在囈語夢三更  

口喊基督救世主 真主還須天命承 守株待兔志何小 不求深造自稱能  

賢英若遇吾教徒 希望多多指示明 但望時來運轉日 千門萬教歸真宗  

方能了吾平生願 一道同風世太平 白陽世界處處樂 堯天舜日民安寧  

到時方見大道妙 彌勒真主顯光榮 囑世賢良耐性待 德備高進苦後榮  

轉機再喚眾賢士 修道要旨用恆誠 衛道謢法理所應 幫助佛壇展運宏  

群策群力助天道 行道無多趁時行 言此不判辭天母 別眾返回理天宮